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Dr. Fredda Rosenbaum

"Holistic Dentistry supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural and less toxic life."

Holistic dentistry – sometimes called “biological” or “biocompatible” dentistry – isn’t a specialty. It’s a philosophy.

Holistic dentistry supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural, and less toxic life. We bridge the gap between conventional clinical dentistry and natural healing modalities. We promote health and well-being through nutrition, the elimination of toxins, and the nurturing of physical, mental, and energetic balance.

The Basic Principles of Holistic Dentistry

  • Proper nutrition for the prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease.
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins from dental materials.
  • Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (bite problems = physical imbalance).
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease at its biological basis.

As a holistic dental practice, we understand that the mouth can’t be viewed independently from the rest of the body. It’s a reflection of the body’s health, as well as a potential source of systemic illness.

Your mouth is a sacred portal through which breath, mantra, and food travel in and out of your body. You can reclaim your own unity and wholeness by taking the time to notice what goes into your mouth and what comes out of it. You can reunite with it and support its good health and function.

For ultimately, you are responsible for your own health. We are here to help.



Fredda Rosenbaum, DDS

2925 Aventura Blvd., Suite 201
Aventura, Florida 33180
Dr. Fredda Rosenbaum

Dr. Fredda Rosenbaum